Questions to Ask When Hiring a Liquid Waste Removal Company

6 October 2015
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If you have a septic tank on your property or run a commercial kitchen with a grease trap, you will need a liquid waste removal service on call. You cannot simply pour grease down a drain, and you don't want to overlook how often your septic tank needs emptying in order to avoid an overflow and backups. Certain industrial and production facilities will also need their liquid waste removed regularly. Note a few questions to ask when hiring such a company.

1. Can they find your underground tank for you?

If you have a septic tank on your property or a tank that holds liquid waste at your production facility, it may be difficult to find the cover to the tank on your own. A reputable liquid waste disposal company should be able to locate the tank on their own and be able to remove the cover in order to remove the waste. This keeps you from having to mark off the area on your property on your own.

2. Do they handle your type of waste in particular?

Not all liquid waste disposal companies are alike; some only empty septic tanks, while some will clean out grease traps and handle septic systems with industrial waste. Some may also handle hazardous waste such as oil or other flammable liquids, but some do not. Each type of waste may need to be transported in a different type of truck for the sake of safety, and they may be disposed of differently. Rather than assume that any liquid waste disposal company is the right company for you, be sure you choose one that handles your material in particular.

3. Do they obtain permits, if needed?

There may be permits needed to have a tank emptied on your property, especially if it's a septic tank or industrial waste. The liquid waste disposal company should be able to guide you in obtaining permits or obtain them on their own, so be sure to ask about this.

4. Are there restrictions as to the time of year when waste can be removed?

In some cases you may not be able to schedule the removal of certain wastes during certain times of the year; liquids may harden in wintertime, oils may be more dangerous in hot summer sun, or the weather may otherwise affect how liquid waste is removed. A liquid waste removal company may also see their own schedule fill up quickly during certain months, such as for those who want a septic tank emptied before hot summer weather sets in. Ask about restrictions or recommendations as to the time of year that liquid waste can be removed so you know how to set your schedule.