How to Buy The Right Hand Dryer For Your Business

29 July 2015
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Hand dryers are a superior hygiene solution for public bathrooms. But apart from their hygiene benefits, installing bathroom hand dryers saves on paper litter in the washroom and over time will also save a business significantly on the costs of continuing to supply paper towels. Not only does this help the environment, it will also avoid the inconvenience of customers running out of paper towels – something that happens more often than a business may like to admit.

But what should you look for in a good hand dryer for your business? Some of the major considerations are explained below:

Do they meet local electrical standards?

As a piece of high-powered mechanical equipment, it's important any drying units meet Australian electrical standards since cheaper imported products from Asia may run at different voltages.  Always look for relevant electrical safety approval marks. The office of fair trading has examples of these approval marks here. Most quality hand drying equipment should also offer a warranty of at least 5 years.

Drying Speed

Most new hand dryers allow complete drying of hands in 10-15 seconds, with drying speed as one of the most important factors for many businesses when choosing a hand dryer. Not only do these fast drying speeds work well for high volume bathrooms, because they operate at faster speeds, they are only in operation for a shorter period of time, making them more efficient.

The trade off for a fast drying speed however is a louder unit. Depending on whether or not speed performance is important will likely depend on the type of business you operate, and the number of customers through the doors.


Depending on the location of the restroom to other areas in a business, a noisy dryer may be disruptive to customers, or workers in an office setting. New units on the market have made significant advances in quietness, however it's important to remember that the most quiet hand dryers will not be as fast. A number of units in Saniflow hand dryer range are at the top end of the spectrum in terms of drying speed, yet manage to keep their noise output between 68-75 decibels – about the same level of noise as a conversation in a busy restaurant, or a vacuum cleaner.

Energy Efficiency

A major consideration for businesses with bathroom hand dryers is their efficiency. Higher energy efficiency models may be more expensive upon purchase, but will soon pay for themselves with lower operating costs. Dryers without a heating element will use less amps and therefore less energy. Most manufacturers should provide a general cost of how much the unit costs to operate per number of uses. Look for dryers that cost between 40-60 cents per 1000 uses.

Infrared Activated Dryers

Hand dryers that operate automatically with a infrared sensor allow users to dry their hands offer the most hygienic hand drying option. With no button to push, no germs or other microbes are transferred back to the hands, making them the most popular options for food businesses. These models also help to use less power, automatically switching off when hands are removed from the drying position. 

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