5 Tips on Hiring Skip Bins & Saving Money

23 July 2015
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You probably already realize that you need to use a reliable service to hire skip bins, but do not you want to save some money while you are at it? The savings can be substantial so you will want to do what you can to make the effort to save. You can save money on reliable skip bins service by following these tips listed below.

Negotiate a Deal

Many people will simply accept a fee rate without making the effort to actually negotiate the price. There is always wiggle room where fees are involved. Ask about mid-week discounts or age related discounts. You can ask about group affiliation discounts. In other words sometimes you have to fish around for the deal. The discounts may be there but you may have to ask. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to get what you need from company.

Check Your Rubbish Level

Before you call be sure to have enough rubbish to warrant calling for skip bins rental. Half full skip bins are actually costing you twice as much to hire. If you do not have a full load ask about smaller skip bins that may accommodate your rubbish more effectively and be cheaper.

Book in Advance

You can score some discounts by placing your order early on. If you can order a month out that would be best but usually 7-10 days will also get you a nice discount on the hire. Why not take advantage of every deal that you can?

Check for Deals Online

Check out your options online and you may be able to score some special "online only" discounts if you book your skip bins online. A lot of larger companies are online and a few smaller ones as well. Booking online can often be an easier way and more cost effective way to book a skip hire.

Be Flexible

You may do well with a skip that is a size up. Sometimes the larger bins are cheaper because no one wants them. If you are all about saving some money then do check one size up and one size down to see if the price difference is substantial enough to either squeeze your rubbish in or have a little room left over.

With a little pre-planning and some due diligence you can easily find skip hires that are reliable and cost effective. To start comparing your options, contact companies like Affordable Bins.